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Our Story

The Science Fair Scholars club was created to bring science fair to high schools who may not have the competition. We are focus on having a student run organization to give leadership opportunities and roles to our fellow students. Our mission is to providing inspiring STEM education as well as scholarship/ Internship opportunities to high school students across the school districts. Science Fair Scholars believes in giving back to our community by helping mentor Elementary - Middle school students in providing them STEM education and lessons.

Meet the Team

Dedication. Expertise. Passion


- Conrad Schmitt

SEFH Alumni; University of Houston Undergraduate

"I think one of the ways science fair has affected me is by opening doors for me and also slowly teaching me the basics of scientific thought. Science Fair teaches  you how to assess the unknown and how to find it. I would also say that the connections you get from awards and judges really help you as I would have never learned about HAS (High School Aerospace scholars) or The Houston Museum of Natural Science Internship if it was not for science fair."

- Katie Lazarine
SEFH Alumni; NOVA Southeastern University Undergraduate

" I have not only become a better researcher from science fair but I have become a better public speaker for science communication."

- Julia Skoutnev

SEFH Alumni; University of Texas Undergraduate 

"Science Fair has changed my perspective on how important research is in our day and age, which has made me want to become a better researcher. It has also opened up my mind to new questions about the world and possible solutions. Science fair has definitely changed my life in such a positive way!"

- Hanna Hitchcock 

SEFH Alumni; Blinn College

"Science Fair has changed my life by helping me gain a new mind set and collaborative skills. Throughout the process, my partner and I had to overcome many challenges while researching chemical compounds and filtration for different terrains. This helped me gain a deeper understanding on the matter in the world, which made the motive more exciting and intimidating. Science Fair is a beautiful way to strengthen teamwork skills when working with a partner and will bring the best out of you. As you bring more ideas to the table and fine tune the results you end up creating a product that will be able to help someone in the world. These skills that I have learned will follow me through life and help impact other people. Science Fair was a true blessing, a challenge, and an amazing educational experience."   

- Caitlin Behne

SEFH Alumni

" Science Fair required me to find a topic in STEM that I was interested in researching. The whole process ultimately lead to me finding what I want to pursue as my future career."
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