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UH STEM Zone Saturday

Community Outreach for 1st- 12th grade students who are in 3rd and 5th Ward as well as surrounding school districts. This program provides students to connect to industry leaders, engage in STEM activities, and become career minded.

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Kids' Lives Matter Events

Kids' Lives Matter is a Non-Profit organization that supports at-risk students through a variety of STEM opportunities. 

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Mars Rover Celebration 

Mars Rover Celebration is an exciting educational opportunity for students to gain valuable hands-on experience building a mock-up Mars Rover. It is a memorable experience that may inspire a future space explorer!

This project builds on classroom learning, putting students’ enthusiasm and inventiveness to work in conjunction with teachers’ lesson plans: either in the classroom, home schooling, or through community organizations such as the Scouts.

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Science and Engineering Fair of Houston, Kids' Lives Matter STEM Events, 

STEM Educational Field Trips

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